Script: How to Ask for a Big Pay Raise

Hi, my name is Jamie Lee.

I'd like to help you become bolder, braver and better paid.

I believe in paying it forward. That's why I want to add value to your career and help you close your wage gap.

So I wrote this word-by-word script, based on one of my client's real salary negotiation.

Her result?* 44% increase in salary with equity. She noted, "Apparently not many directors even have stock so this is an extra special incentive they gave me."

You can read more about it in this book.

The best part of the book is that it’s specifically designed for people who HATE manipulation or confrontation (like me...and probably you too!).

You'll get the most benefit out of this, if you are someone:

  • Who delivers value at work. You are engaged and motivated to make a meaningful contribution.

  • Who is undervalued for the value you bring. The wage gap is real and it impacts too many people, particularly women and minorities.

  • Who has the leadership chops but struggles to get through to people and reach them the way you want to.

In the book, I show you exactly how to… 

🗣️ Confidently set a warm tone for a salary negotiation conversation, so you can preempt one of the most common objections

🗣️ Claim value for your contributions and accomplishments without coming across as an arrogant braggart

🗣️ Share compelling stories that can be delivered up the “rungs of ladder” so that you can influence key decision makers and higher-ups who are not even present at the negotiating table

🗣️ Make a clear, logical case for a big pay raise based on the value of your contributions, so that you gain the upper hand. 

And much, much more… 

You owe it to yourself, your FUTURE SELF and everyone who depends on you to be earning YOUR FULL INCOME POTENTIAL TODAY. 

👉 Remember, there’s no one better equipped to advocate for you than YOU. 👈

So get your copy today!

(*My client's result is not typical. As much as I'd love to help, I can't make any guarantees. I am not making any claims or implications that you will have the same result.)

See below for a testimonial from Cate, who used this script to ask for a BIG pay raise.

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Cate Maugle

Head of Outreach

"After reading “How to Ask for a Big Pay Raise”, I scheduled a meeting with my bosses because I was so confident I could model my own ask off of the script provided. Reading the ebook confirmed my own thoughts that I deserved a big pay raise

Parts 2 and 3 made it very clear how you can not only frame your value but keep it short and to the point, something I’ve struggled with before; however, with the script I was able to execute in my own dialogue

Part 4, the ASK, was the scariest part but having guidance that anchoring high was essential to getting a big pay raise made it less daunting

Overall, my conversation progressed almost exactly how Jamie laid it out and I received a 9% pay increase as a result. I would 100% recommend utilizing this script to guide your pay raise conversation." 

Jamie Lee, Leadership and Negotiation Coach